When women do politics


For centuries we have been hearing of one same stories on who makes every critical decision that concern Ethiopia. That would be men sitting on every hierarchical positions, isn’t it right? well correct me if I am wrong but everybody can agree on the fact women have been marginalized from most political decisions that have been made on the sake Ethiopia. In fact, nowhere do women hold equal power to men in influencing and exercising political authority worldwide.

Before going deep into gender issues in Ethiopia, I find my self sharing about the status of women participation in the political dynamics across the globe. These status was gained from Inter-Parliamentary Union‘s (IPU’s) extensive research on the matter.

Accordingly, IPU reported the current world average of women in parliaments is 23 percent and thus still quite low, compare this to the percentage of women holding executive office. A mere six percent of all executives in power in 2017 worldwide are women. A record year for women would only require 20 women to hold power simultaneously. Even in this scenario, women would comprise less than eight percent of all executives.

More stunning indicated on IPU report is that the numbers of women leading their countries is actually declining rather than increasing.

Therefore, UN Women suggests the need to incorporate more work on political empowerment of average female citizens in every country since this may strongly influence elite behavior, such as the provision of entitlements, especially those supporting gender equality.

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