When women do politics


For centuries we have been hearing of one same stories on who makes every critical decision that concern Ethiopia. That would be men sitting on every hierarchical positions, isn’t it right? well correct me if I am wrong but everybody can agree on the fact women have been marginalized from […]

Energy deficit aggravates unemployment in Ethiopia


Admasu Bahiru, 31 spends most of his time gazing at the vacancy notice board at Arat-Kilo, a central venue in Addis Ababa in search of job. Since he came from his rural neighborhood six months ago he has been eagerly looking for such vacancy announcement but to no avail, he […]

South Sudan Ambassador to Ethiopia disproves recent social media rumors


ADDIS ABABA – During the bilateral discussion held yesterday with Minister of the Foreign Affairs Gedu Andargachew, Ambassador of South Sudan to Ethiopia, James P. Morgan, refuted unjustifiable social media rumors saying his country will not do anything that could harm Ethiopia. The Ambassador further exposed the recent social media […]

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