NEBE Chairperson Confident Forthcoming Elections Will Take Place on Time


December 11, 2019 ( — Chairperson of the National Electoral Board Ethiopia (NEBE) Birtukan Midekissa is confident that the forthcoming national elections will take place as per the schedule despite call for postponement from leaders of different political parties.

“A legitimate government must come from a ballot box. We have a constitution and electoral law. Having these things fulfilled, the elections would take place as per the schedule, Birtukan told ETV in an interview.

Leaders of several opposition political parties have been calling for the postponement of the national election which is due to take place in May 2020. They argue the country can not conduct the elections in the presence of continued security problems and unfolding displacements thereof.

Birtukan, however, said preparations are being made swiftly to conduct the forthcoming elections without compromising its credibility,

Unlike the past, Geographical Information System (GIS) would be in use in the 6th national elections to determine election constituencies.

“We are preparing well to apply GIS in the forthcoming elections in a way that voters can understand and adhere accordingly,” she added.

According to the chairperson, international procurement to acquire modern technologies are being made to begin voter registration in the near future.

The chairperson advised competing political parties to meet the necessary legal procedures to take part in the forthcoming elections.

Over 100 political parties complained over the revised electoral law which demands any political party running for national parliament will be required to have 10,000 registered members at the minimum. Similarly, the Electoral Board will endorse a regional party only if the applicant has come up with a list showing a minimum of 4,000 registered members.

Before the law came into force, 75 percent of members of the political party’s council have requested for annulment of about 40 articles and amendment of more others in the new electoral law.

The electoral board has yet recruited and trained election executives due to which it can not disclose the timetable of the elections.

The board should get the necessary input from the political parties and consult them before the time table is disclosed, Birtukan said.

The board is committed to practically show the upcoming elections would be free, fair, transparent and reliable elections, she added.

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